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Classic Auction Video Paul Hillman 1979

Peter D. Gehres, Auctioneer, CAI, CES

NAA International Auctioneer Championship 2007

Going Going Gone Video 09 Texas Auctions

1966 Cobra Super Snake Barrett-Jackson & Spanky Assiter

(3) Past NAA IAC Champions Selling in 2009

Paul Ramirez Stampede’s 21st annual International Livestock Auctioneer Championship

Leroy Van Dyke 1962 Auctioneer Song

Texas Auction Man

Arizona Livestock Auctioneering

NAA International Junior Auctioneer Championship

Ritchie Brothers Farm Equipment Auction

Sotheby's Warhol Auction

Auction at 30,000 Feet

National Auctioneers Association

American Leaf: Tobacco Auctions

Iowa Auctioneers Contest 2009

1966 Cookie Lockhart TO TELL THE TRUTH SHOW

Top Livestock Auctioneers, Contest 2008

1988 Amish Country Horse Auction

Peter Gehres, Michigan State Auctioneer Champion

Angus Heritage: Ray Sims & Leroy Van Dyke

World Auction Record set for Henri Matisse sculpture at $48.8 Million at Christie's

Auction Opera

Tribute to Merlin Woodruff

Willis Yoder - English & Pennsylvania Dutch Bid Calling

Congressman Billy Long

Rod Burnett 2011 Livestock Champion Auctioneer

Amish Auction Remix


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