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All classes may be formatted for 2 or 3 hours

Baby Boomers & More [A201]

This class explores the four generations and how they communicate, and how to communicate with them.  What will the next generation want to buy at auction?  What will auctioneers have to sell in the next 10, 20 or 30 years?  Also, what do we like to collect, and how this continues to change.

Bid-Calling Contracts & the UCC 2-328 [A101]

Auction law for bid-calling contracts for every state in the United States.  This class explores: How is a "with reserve" auction different than a "without reserve" auction? Once a bid is accepted, what two (or three) contingencies exist? When can a bid be reopened?  Are there tie bids?  How does selling choice change contract structure?

How We Make Decisions [A202]

Neuroscience breakthroughs dealing with how humans make decisions.  This class investigates how you make your decisions, and how you can make better decisions.  Is it intuition, or analysis, or both?  Do you trust that gut fealing or take your time to further investigate?

Selling Guns at Auction [A103]

There is hardly a more discussed topic than when guns can (or can't) be sold at auction.  This class simplifies this entire subject, outlining when an FFL is needed, and when it is not.  United States gun statistics and the current political and legal environment are explored.

Personal Property Appraisal for Auctioneers [A104]

How do many auctioneers make more money appraising than selling property?  Learn the techniques to augment your auction business with an additional $100,000 or more in appraisal income.  Appraisal designations and software are discussed.

Auctioneering Ethics [A203]

Auctioneers are presented with ethical questions each day.  How do auctioneers respond to those questions?  This class investigates several scenarios with lively discussion and legal interpretation.  Case law examples are presented.

State Auctioneer Statutes & Rules [A105]

For states with statewide statutes and rules pertaining to auctioneering licensing, this class presents over 100 multiple choice questions in a open, discussion format.  Topics include getting a license, renewal, disiplinary items, and all other major rulings.

Absolute Auctions [A204]

An absolute auction has no reserves, right?  So, can you refuse a bid of $501?  Can you withdraw the property if you don't receive any bid?  Do you have to take any bid you receive?  All this and more will be explored, including common questionable advertising.


Auction Verdicts [A301]

Learn how courts from around the country have ruled in high-profile auction cases, which has established laws every auctioneer must follow.  Key cases include Kearney v. J.P. King, Pitchfork Ranch v. Bar TL, Zuhak v. Rose, Veazie v. Williams and many others. 

Auctioneer Voice Care [A302]

How does the human body generate vocal sounds?  What parts of the body contribute to good vocal production and health?  We explore both the mechanics of voice structure, and the many factors which are involved in good vocal health.  Research from the National Institute of Health is analyzed.


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